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Okay okay, the name is very a bait to get you to read what follows.

Okay okay, the name is very a bait to get you to read what follows.

Nevertheless the 7 reasons you are given by me result from the base of my heart, actually, and have all been confirmed by experience and facts.

Personally I think like providing you my background a bit my name is Simon, and if We create a list of all of the girls I dated, and all the girlfriends I had within my life, well nearly 90% of them had been transsexual ladies. I never covered sex, We never been to a libertinage club, I all dated them the nice old way. And I also always felt that i prefer transsexual females significantly more than I like real females, for all reasons, that I will tell you the 7 important…

Factor # 1 ladyboys are sexy

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Come on, of course that’s the main basis for everyone ( and more importantly for the “virgins” — meaning, those who haven’t had their first experience yet). All of us like ladyboys because a lot of the right time they truly are a lot more sexy than real girls. Since they’re in direct competition with real girls in addition they begin the competition with a handicap, they provide lots of efforts to be sexy and please men… and they succeed!

Factor #2 ladyboys are fun to be with

Ladyboys are open and people that are fun be with.

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